And it started like this….

28 Feb

Blah blah Middle School, Gold House. How may I help you today?”

“Um, Yes…. I am Kenny (somethingsomething’s) mother? I just wanted to call and give a heads up to his teachers this morning…”

(Everyone knows who Kenny somethingsomething is, Most days he is impossible not to love, he’s funny, kind, caring, etc. Not this morning.)

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah… you see – this morning he is really in rare form, I haven’t seen him like this in a really long time. He’s upset about the weather and was very angry… yelling, muttering, he slammed the door on me and then was yelling at me from the front yard that he was really sorry…….”

“Oh… Oh yes, I’ll tell them.”

    I’m not sure if you remember, but Ken has Autism.  This means sometimes he is just not capable of letting things go. For the most part I can try to deflect his frustration and calm him down a bit or distract him to cheer him up. Sometimes I shamelessly bribe him. This morning nothing was working. He refused to eat breakfast, Every article of clothing he had to put on became an argument.

When the bus got here, he yelled at me, slammed the door so hard that the lamp fell over, then he ran up the stairs and out the front door to yell at me.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” like a really cold teenaged Marlon Brando… only… its freezing out, and obviously my name is not Stella.

So.. That was my morning. I’m sitting here hoping he didn’t wake anyone in the house up and that he goes to school and …. and the school just called, and they have managed to calm him down and gave him a granola bar.




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