Socks, Pie, and Fever Dreams.

29 Sep

These conversations happen when you are someone I talk to often enough for random IMs.


Me: On the left foot I have a sock!
Me: It does not hurt to have sock on! \o/

I do not have pie.

I would like some pie, but do not currently have any.

I do however – still have sock. – And Toe is still Toe.

I had also stopped taking any and all painkillers for the foot issue.
And then I wrote this little snippet of a post and let it sit for a week.  *points up* That seems to be a thing I do.

And then we had Operation: Kidlet’s Thirteenth Birthday, which was a complete success. It was a success to the point where I worry that we will never be able to top it, stars were aligned *just so*.

And then Friday happened, and the plague descended.

Kidlet came down with it first, Moaning loudly on Friday morning that he was not going to school under any circumstances and quite articulately done, I might add.

But then I came down with it too, and this is the type of plague that transcends time and space.  Not only do I not understand what happened the last two days? – I don’t feel like it should be Sunday either. I feel like entire lifetimes were lived while I lay in misery. I fully expected that civilizations were built and destroyed in the last 24 hours alone. Surely at least a week went by.

Nope, just 48 hours.

I slept sitting up, and had wacky fever dreams that I was fighting in a war with dragons, and that there was something really wrong with this specific base location because something about where it was on earth caused everyone to wet their pants on a regular basis. There was some kind of explanation for it – but I’m not kidding.  Now-  I realize this was a fever dream, but can you imagine? Trying to work and constantly wetting your pants? Talk about taking a hit to morale.


(I also think part of the dream was certainly caused by the series I am reading, The Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik – That explains the war and the dragons but not the peeing. I’m not sure anything can explain that.)

Other than that, it seems that sick trumps Toe. I don’t much feel Toe at all at the moment.  But then – I’ve been in bed for a very long time, so everything ELSE hurts, while Toe behaves. Go figure.

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