Boo, crutches suck.

15 Sep


I have large and strange bruises on the underside of my upper arms. My shoulders are ridiculously sore. I feel positively bruised all over. Who knew that a tiny little pinky toe could cause such an avalanche of issues.

Surely other people have done this before – and have managed to be productive somehow. How do you cook with crutches?

I am extremely lucky though, as I’ve had some helpers around me. My husband has been cooking and carrying and delivering things to me.  Being unable to do anything is certainly like getting another shot of humility.  I don’t believe that I will be able to leave the house for quite some time either – if the pain level is any sort of hint, then the waves of brain addling from the meds should be another.

According to fitbit, I have hobbled 93 steps today. Surely it won’t be this bad the entire five weeks?



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