03 Dec

I promised pictures of Indigo.

I even took them.

And I cooked things.

But I’ve been too depressed really – to put up pictures with .. you know…. descriptions and … directions and .. instructions and fevered.. word things.

There was big snow, we lost power, it was an ordeal. All of the food had to go, everything had to be scrubbed. That is about the time when things started truly going awry in my world, and rather than righting themselves, they seem to be on a slippery slope.

So – the only things I really have to say are:

I am alive.

It takes forever to boil water in a kettle using sterno.

Always check your french press to be sure it doesn’t have a gaping hole in it’s bottom when you need it … in an October snowstorm, when the power is out.

I am sure there is more. Somewhere. Eventually.



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