Indigo – part 2

06 Sep

I’ll put pictures in tomorrow.

Right now I have runny indigo dripping down the back of my neck.

Let me tell you about indigo, its pretty neat. But also a pain in the rear end.
If you are planning on ever using indigo, please look here. Be safe.

In its dry form its rather deceptive you see. It looks very similar to henna. Green, powdery, soft.
I take 500ml of indigo, mix with about 100ml of henna. I dropped a couple tablespoons of amla in there as well with 2 tbsp sea salt.

When mixed, it looks soft and silky and fluffy.
It’s partially lying.
Indigo is gritty, it has little bitty peices of grit, its hard to get out of your hair, and kinda feels like large grains of sand. I use henna in my mix (in this case, I have not mixed it with anything and the dye has not released, Why? Because I forgot to reserve some of the stuff I used earlier tonight. I use the henna powder anyway, because the henna *is* silky, it acts as a thickener for me here, The indigo has something to hang onto, it will rinse out easier and will stay where I want it much better – in my hair, rather than on alltheotherthings.  I do have some dripping down my neck at the moment, but trust me – way better than it is if all I used was water. The henna also helps me smooth the indigo through my hair. Indigo doesnt spread as nice as henna does. It has to be piled on.   The Salt is in there out of habit, I love to dye fabric. Salt helps improve the color of dye.  You probably have lots of things dyed with indigo, the most likely being jeans. Does it help? Im not sure. Lets hope?

So whats neat about indigo is that you mix it with the warm water, and you add your salt and its this bright green stinky substance.  But as the air hits it, it turns this deep dark blue color – woo! Oxidization! If you ever see it as it happens its pretty neat.  So! We leave this on our hair, wrap it up, let it drip down our necks. (With this, I am not kidding you… keep paper towels near by. Toward the end, it really starts to drip constantly and will drive you insane.  Indigo has a short shelf life once the dye has released. Keep this on your head for about 45-90 min or so. Then go rinse it out.  You will be grateful for the bottle of cheap conditioner, because you are going to need quite a bit of it to get this stuff OUT.

Also – make sure you grab another one of those towels you dont mind staining. – It will most likely be blue or… spotted with blue.
And – I hope that pillow case is dark, because you may leech dye from your hair for a little while, but if you have ever dyed your hair, chances are you have seen that happen before and you are expecting it.

This all said – My hair is a runny mess, all…. over… my…. neck.

Off to rinse! Pictures tomorrow!

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