Is there gas in the car? Yes, There’s gas in the car…..

01 Sep

We made it through the hurricane safely. Nerves ran so high last week before the storm hit that I am ashamed to say that I couldn’t seem to cook.  I *should* have been cooking? But I had no imagination for food. No, not even exciting Spam things in case power was lost and non-perishable culinary skills were desperately needed.  (Yes, I did use ‘exciting’ and ‘Spam’ in the same sentance, and that is a story for another time.)

The grocery stores were menaced. Out here in Connecticut, at my usual grocery stores at least- there was a restrained calm. It was packed like sardines, not even during the winter pre-Nor’easter days or for holidays have I seen it so busy, or lines so long. It was eerie and quiet, everyone with the same pinch around the eyes, that slightly glazed over nervousness.

There was panic buying.

You couldn’t get down the bread aisle for all the people and carts akimbo, Oreos? Sure, that’s a great replacement for bread! After puzzling at facebook statuses from New Jersey, New York, CT, I pondered the growing trend mentioning “FRENCH TOAST SUPPLIES!” and felt genuinely disappointed that the store had no Challah.  I wondered if I had missed some strange storm tradition where one *must* make French Toast the morning after. I even asked. I am not sure I got much of an answer, other than a theory about the rush to buy bread/milk/eggs anytime a storm rolls through. (and I still want french toast. Thanks Irene. Thanks a lot.)

Hours before we were hit, with the outer bands whipping up into Connecticut and laying down the first bit of rain, we nervously sat in the living room and pondered evacuating.  We finally made the call to go to my sister in laws house on higher ground.  I should mention we are quite inland, but we are in an area that has been known to flood, and we are in a basement apartment. As I type this, I can look to my left, and I have to crane my neck in order to see grass. We had sod level drainage ditches intricately carved out on the sides of the house and leading out to the road, but I’m afraid that wasn’t enough of a security blanket for me with record rainfall recorded in the past month or so, and when I had spent the previous weekend sucking water out of the kidlets carpet.

After we watched the police go door to door on the news, evacuating people closer to the shore, we looked at each other and into the car went my computer and monitor and his recording equipment and a couple guitars. Within in an hour we were out of here, and we did pretty well actually – we only forgot our personal blankets. The kidlet had his. Somewhere, there is a ziploc with the few DSI games the kidlet had, I have no idea where it went. So far – it isn’t a problem, and I am exceedingly grateful for *that*.

Honestly, once we made the decision to go, instead of all the what ifs, I felt so much better about the storm coming. .. Until we got to my sister in laws, and noticed just how much glass was surrounding us, and .. oh.. that electric pole is.. right there huh.

We are okay though. We didn’t sleep so well, what with the banshee wind outside and all those trees swaying. I watched the neighbors topiaries spring up and down like Weeblewobbles, flattening to the ground and sproinging back up. Over and over. Trees lost their limbs and giant branches fell. Water came into the basement. I nervously watched the weather as long as I could and then would check facebook and twitter to see what the governor and the news were saying.  Conflicting reports about my area of town came in – No power, some power, high and dry- Lots of flooding. I wasn’t sure what we were going to come home to.

In the aftermath, we only took in a little water in the kidlets room. We have had power. The first day of school was postponed day by day, but opened today, much to the kidlets chagrin. The past several days I have been searching for missing persons, but think everyone is accounted for now.  Three grocery stores, Our grocery store… and any backup we would go to otherwise are closed. One is flooded, the others have no power.  My fridge is filled with questionable food and needs to be cleaned out. My half and half is still partially frozen, the setting on the fridge still doesn’t know what it wants to do.

All in all, we are very lucky. All around us are washed out roads, old lovely trees have fallen everywhere, things are flooded.  Today school opened.  I hope the grocery stores aren’t far behind.

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